Shooter analysis and remediation

We want to let PoliceOne Members know that P1 Firearms Columnist Ron Avery will be holding an advanced seminar for police firearms instructors that will examine the principles involved in analyzing shooter performance and strategies to enhance performance. Held at the Alameda County (Calif.) Sheriff’s Office Range on August 21-23, 2009, this event is presented in partnership with the SIG SAUER Academy and the Practical Shooting Academy. Download a registration form from or contact the Practical Shooting Academy Training Coordinator via phone at (970) 323-6111.  Please be advised that you must be a certified law enforcement firearms instructor and a full time member of your agency to attend.

Failure to qualify or generally poor shooting performance leads to an enormous waste of time, money and resources for an agency that could be better used elsewhere. Failure to diagnose problems correctly, improper remediation strategies, incorrect advice or marginal drills only compound the problem.

Factor in instructor and shooter frustration and qualification courses that never evolve because the lowest common denominator can't rise any higher and you have a formula for stagnation and burnout.

The Skills Hierarchy
It matters what order in which you teach things. In order to understand the problems, it is helpful to understand the process of mastery from a physical as well as a mental perspective.

The first level of the skills hierarchy is control, both physical and mental. On the physical side, learning how to truly connect the gun to the hand so that it doesn’t slip as well as using balance and a properly adjusted center of gravity to stabilize against the force of recoil is absolutely essential to shooting well. On the mental side, learning how to “do nothing” when the gun discharges is among the greatest challenges that all shooters face.

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