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NarcX+ first to meet DEA standards for destroying illicit fentanyl and rendering it non-retrievable

Independent lab validation and patent proving disruptive in war on illicit fentanyl

Press Release

VINEYARD, Utah - NarcX Solutions, Inc., a Utah-based company and rapidly rising innovator for on-site drug disposal, announces a major milestone in the fight against Illicit Fentanyl. NarcX+ has successfully completed the first independent validation, by a 3rd party criminal laboratory, of its kind by testing its effectiveness against illicit fentanyl tablets and powders. The environmentally safe solution, NarcX+, has been analytically tested using LCMS technology, and proven that after a short amount of time the illicit fentanyl drug is non-detectable and non-retrievable meeting all DEA standards.

The Center for Forensic Science Research & Education (CFSRE), a forensic toxicology and chemistry laboratory, conducted a series of analytical tests by adding illicit fentanyl to NarcX+. The tests conducted validate that at 5 minutes illicit fentanyl tablets are completely destroyed and non-retrievable. The illicit fentanyl powder was rendered non-retrievable after 3 hours.

The company’s environmentally safe patented technology has previously been validated to be effective on other illicit drugs like cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, THC, CBD as well as commonly abused medicines like oxycodone, amphetamines, and more. With this new validation of NarcX+, the technology’s potential to revolutionize the on-site destruction of illicit fentanyl represents a significant step forward in drug disposal safety.

“Doing our part to end the opioid epidemic, Riverton City has utilized NarcX’s essential products in our city since 2019,” says Trent Staggs, Riverton City Mayor. “Our police department has replaced other disposal methods that were susceptible to diversion and other challenges to the NarcX On‐Site Collection Receptacle. This onsite method of destruction has worked incredibly well for both our citizens and law enforcement.”

NarcX Solutions, Inc. was founded on a mission to combat the diversion and stockpiling of harmful illicit drugs and medication. The company is committed to saving lives and preventing the devastating consequences of diversion and stockpiling.

NarcX is currently being piloted in select VA hospitals, law enforcement agencies, addiction recovery centers, city halls, and other government agencies.

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