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Abuse victim grabs police baton, helps fight off suspect attacking deputy

When the victim saw her alleged abuser fighting the deputy who responded to the call, she rushed to the cop’s aid


Deputies arrived to Kanon M. Charbonneau attempting to flee the scene in a car.

Photo/Coeur D’Alene Police

By Police1 Staff

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — An abuse victim helped fight and detain her alleged abuser after the suspect attacked a deputy during the arrest.

Police received a call of a battered woman who was dragged into a vehicle Sunday, KXLY reported. Deputies arrived to Kanon M. Charbonneau attempting to flee the scene in a car.

An injured woman exited the suspect’s vehicle when it came to a stop and ran to the deputy’s patrol vehicle. The deputy attempted to arrest Charbonneau, but he resisted, headbutted the officer and began fighting him.

The abuse victim witnessed the attack, grabbed a baton from the deputy’s car and began beating Charbonneau until the deputy could take him into custody.

The woman was transported to a local hospital for facial injuries. The deputy was treated at a local hospital was well.

Charbonneau was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery, attempted strangulation, grand theft, battery on a peace officer, second-degree kidnapping, DUI, malicious injury to property and destruction of a telecommunications device.

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