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Trooper reconnects with trainer who saved his life

The trainer rushed to his side when he collapsed while running on the treadmill


By Police1 Staff

CANTON, Ga. — A personal trainer received a certificate of merit from the American Red Cross’s Metropolitan Atlanta chapter for her life-saving actions that brought a state trooper back to life — and he was there to personally thank her.

Steve Walker was running on the treadmill at the BridgeMill Athletic Club in July when he suffered a massive heart attack, according to 11Alive.

“When I approached Steve, I knew there was no breath there was no life,” said personal trainer Judy Cox, who rushed to his aid to perform CPR.

Using a nearby defibrillator, Walker relied on her training until medics arrived on-scene.

“I’ve thought about it a thousand times and what can you say to someone that’s done that for you,” Walker told Fox News.

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