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BRINC showcases industry’s premier DFR playbook and advanced drone capabilities at IACP

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. — BRINC, an American developer of technology in the service of public safety, today unveiled the first-ever Drone as First Responder (DFR) industry playbook at IACP 2023, introducing a revolutionary resource for public safety agencies leveraging drone technology to aid in operations. During the event, BRINC will also give attendees an exclusive look at its flagship drone offering for first responders, the LEMUR 2.

“Making DFR an attainable reality for every law enforcement agency and emergency services team has always been at the heart of BRINC’s mission,” said Blake Resnick, CEO and Founder of BRINC . “We are excited to bring our knowledge and expertise to IACP, the most critical knowledge sharing event of the year, and make DFR that much closer to realization.”

The LEMUR 2 boasts a proprietary autonomy system, first-of-its-kind sensor array, combining 10 unique systems for supporting its autonomous functions, visual / night / thermal imaging, two-way comms and more. Attendees at IACP will be treated to an exclusive preview of this cutting-edge drone, which will include a live demo of its impressive glass breaker attachment. The demos will be helmed by Will Hudder, the former SWAT Commander for Las Vegas Metro PD.

BRINC’s DFR Playbook, written by Don Redmond, VP of Advanced Public Safety Projects and former Captain at Chula Vista Police Department, provides a roadmap for organizations eager to pioneer the use of drones as frontline responders, including:

  • A comprehensive examination of the evolution and concept of Drone as First Responder (DFR).
  • Seamless methodologies for infusing DFR across police, fire, and EMS operations.
  • Essential preparatory steps and considerations for embarking on a DFR journey.
  • Comprehensive guidance on building, refining, and optimizing a DFR program, focusing on regulations, compliance, and operational scaling.

Attendees can receive a copy of the DFR Playbook by visiting BRINC’s booth (Booth #5007) at IACP, and can schedule a direct consultation with Redmond to help develop a plan for DFR that fits their agency’s budget and requirements. Visitors to BRINC’s booth can also meet with Resnick, who is available for discussions on the advancement of DFR policy and questions about the LEMUR 2.

For more information about BRINC, the LEMUR 2 drone, and the DFR Playbook, please contact BRINC or visit their website at

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BRINC is an American developer of technology in the service of public safety. BRINC products address major challenges in American public safety and allow law enforcement and first responders to assess a threat profile and de-escalate conflict without putting individuals in harm’s way. BRINC manufactures all of its products in the US, has co-located R&D and production, and is vertically integrated.