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Arizona Department of Public Safety is First NDIS Lab to Upload DNA Profiles to National Database Utilizing Rapid DNA

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IntegenX RapidHIT® system enables DNA identification while a suspect is still in custody

Pleasanton, California – IntegenX announced today that the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) Crime Laboratory is using Rapid DNA technology to test DNA from qualifying arrestees for upload to the national DNA database. This capability streamlines the current process of DNA profile hit-matching against crime scene evidence, to keep communities safer and exonerate innocent suspects. Samples taken from the arrestees were analyzed using the RapidHIT system, which generated a full DNA profile in under two hours that was subsequently uploaded to the National DNA Index System (NDIS). NDIS is the highest level of the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS), which is managed by the FBI and enables the exchange and comparison of forensic DNA evidence from violent crime investigations across the US.

Vince Figarelli, the Crime Laboratory Superintendent at DPS, said, “This technology has already enhanced Arizona Law Enforcement’s ability to fight crime effectively through generating investigative leads. Now we have the ability to upload an arrestee’s DNA profile within two or three hours of an arrest. We now have the potential to assist other investigations while a suspect is still in custody.”

“Using advanced technologies such as Rapid DNA will fundamentally change the way law enforcement screens arrestees for links to unsolved crimes”, stated Louis E. Grever, former Executive Assistant Director of the FBI Science and Technology Branch. “The ability to take a DNA sample from an arrestee, develop a profile 90 minutes, and search that profile against local, state and federal DNA databases while that arrestee is still in custody holds tremendous promise. Not only will countless crimes be solved, but future crimes will undoubtedly be prevented.”

The Scientific Analysis Bureau (SAB) of the Arizona DPS, a statewide agency handling criminal investigations and forensics, was one of the first in U.S. law enforcement to recognize the potential for Rapid DNA technology to generate leads for criminal investigations. This capability will allow the SAB to efficiently determine whether or not a suspect’s DNA profile matches with DNA found at a crime scene while the suspect is still in police custody. Rapid DNA testing will also help exonerate innocent suspects quickly, enabling swifter justice and more efficient use of valuable law enforcement resources. The traditional approach to forensic testing involves shipping samples to centralized laboratories, a process that includes many steps and can take weeks or even months to return test results to law enforcement.

“This expanded application of Rapid DNA testing could play a key role in reducing the backlog of DNA testing in our country”, stated Robert Schueren, President and CEO of IntegenX, manufacturer of the RapidHIT System. “Testing suspects at the time of arrest, akin to fingerprinting, provides timely information so law enforcement can take action on an investigation quickly. It also can relieve some of the routine testing burden on state forensic laboratories, allowing them to focus on more challenging samples such as rape kits. We’re proud to be a part of such a key milestone”.

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