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Durabook named winner of two prestigious 2021 AST ASTORS Awards

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FREMONT, Calif. — Durabook, the global rugged mobile solutions brand owned by Twinhead International Corporation, was honored today with two prestigious 2021 AST ASTORS Awards. The company’s U11 Fully Rugged Tablet was awarded Platinum in the Best Handheld Mobile Tech Solution category, while its S14I Semi-Rugged Laptop earned Gold status in the Best Data Storage Security Solution category. The ASTORS Homeland Security Awards are presented annually by American Security Today magazine. Winners were announced during a luncheon held this afternoon in New York City.

“It is a great honor to receive these awards,” stated Tom Wang, Durabook Americas president. “We are committed to the men and women who serve in Homeland Security and public safety professions, as they put their lives on the line for us and our country each and every day. The compact U11 delivers reliability, power, and functionality that is vitally needed in today’s challenging environments. The S14I is truly in a class of its own, as it is engineered to combine military-grade durability, mobile functionality, computing performance, and long battery life for non-stop use. We thank American Security Today for recognizing these two products.”

Durabook U11 Fully Rugged Tablet: Best Mobile Technology Product
Managing and securing sensitive data is critical to Homeland Security professionals. To meet their data management requirements, the U11 features an SSD that is quick and easy to remove, without having to open any covers, saving time and effort. Both hardware and software based encryption options are available, based on a customer’s unique requirements.

Equipped with its high-capacity battery, it can be used non-stop for up to 24 hours with a single battery. Hot-swappable capability enables Homeland Security professionals in the field to operate without interruption, when charging isn’t possible.

It is especially resilient to accidental drops, as frame protectors on all sides offer enhanced protection. In addition, the unit is MIL-STD-810H certified, ANSI 12.12.01 C1D2 certified, and IP65 rated, assuring shock, 6-foot drop, and vibration protection, as well as the ability to withstand use in a wide range of temperatures. A unique, fanless design with 0 dBA means the Durabook fully rugged U11 tablet operates dependably and quietly.

Durabook S14I Semi-Rugged Laptop: Best Data Storage Security Solution
In Homeland Security applications, the S14I is primarily used as an edge device in the frontend for data collection/data processing, source-data visualization, machine-to-machine communication, etc. In drone usage, it has the data processing and storage power to analyze and map data from multiple drones from right from the Edge-decentralized data processing in close proximity to the devices themselves. In addition, the unit can combine other in-field data, for example from IoT and external sources, such as weather information, to help plan new aerial flight paths or arrange an instant repair.
It is equipped with a smart-card reader, fingerprint scanner, and hardware-based encryption (Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0)) to ensure storage security of sensitive data. In addition to software-based encryption, hardware-based encryption can be applied.

It is also equipped with the latest NVMe PCIe SSD technology, providing up to 1TB of storage. It can accommodate two additional internal SATA III SSD drives to maximize the onboard data storage. In addition, its media bay offers several setup options. In applications where storage performance or data redundancy and reliability are crucial, the S14I semi-rugged laptop is exceptional.

American Security Today’s ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards recognize outstanding innovations of top firms and agencies in the Homeland Security and public safety fields. It is the preeminent U.S. Homeland Security Awards program highlighting the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking security solutions coming into the market. Durabook was a previous ASTORS Homeland Security Awards recipient in 2017, when, as GammaTech Computer Corporation, its R11 fully rugged tablet took home Gold as Best Rugged Computer Tablet.

Durabook is the core brand of Twinhead International Corporation in Taiwan, a world-renowned manufacturer of rugged mobile solutions for more than 30 years. All Durabook devices are designed, manufactured, and tested to the highest standards to ensure maximum quality and reliability. Committed to engineering and service excellence, Durabook products have been widely adopted by government and enterprise customers, including oil and gas, utilities, field service, military, and public safety for more than a decade. For more information, visit