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LEO Technologies supporting first responders, COs during COVID-19 outbreak

LOS ANGELES — In this unprecedented time, today’s correctional facilities are a risk. Verus, created by LEO Technologies, is playing a key role in protecting inmates, correctional personnel and first responders.

Verus is a cutting-edge, AI-based technology that produces near real-time intelligence from inmate phone calls based on keywords and phrases. It automatically downloads, analyzes and transcribes all recorded inmate calls, proactively flagging them for review.

Right now, Verus is supporting jails and prisons through:

  • Medical surveillance and monitoring: Phone calls recorded and flagged by Verus help personnel identify sick inmates.
  • Enhanced facility security: As manpower is down, Verus helps jails and prisons identify problems proactively and assign staff where the need is most critical.
  • Enhanced safety for inmates and staff: In addition to medical monitoring, intelligence from Verus mitigates potential violence—including potential COVID-19 related murders.
  • Community support: Intelligence from Verus supports patrols and investigations as community fears and anxieties escalate.

Click here to read more about incidents related to keyword searches and alerts that originated from inmate phone calls containing critical and actionable information.

About LEO Technologies
LEO Technologies, LLC is a Government Solutions firm providing proprietary hardware and software to the Public Safety and National Defense Industry. Numerous LEO Technologies employees are current and former law enforcement officers in the State of California.