Local Software Development Company Raises the Bar, Inspires Community Safety Throughout San Joaquin County

Mapping technology affords user-friendly crime data in Manteca, Lodi and County jurisdictions

Stockton, CA — CPS Solutions, a Stockton-based software solutions provider launched another new product in collaboration with the Manteca Police Department – CPS Map-Web, adding to a string of successful law enforcement product launches throughout San Joaquin county. After several years of development, testing and methodical application, CPS Solutions takes a significant leap as a leader in technology tools that help law enforcement facilitate greater community safety.

“Our goal has always been to make crime data analysis easier,” CPS Solutions founder Gary Gorham claims. “We believe that if our products are easy to implement and easy to use, we peel away one of the barriers to excellence in law enforcement and community safety,” Gorham notes referring to decades of complicated and unwieldy systems that were really a deterrent to expedient and comprehensive law enforcement. Co-founder Pauline Leinfelder agrees and says, “we live in a time-sensitive culture and every minute counts when it comes to crime prevention, intervention and community safety. We’re all about smarter, simpler solutions.”

Many local agencies agree. CPS Solutions recently implemented a public web site for the Manteca Police Department as part of Manteca’s ongoing commitment to community partnerships. The online mapping features enable greater community awareness and public education about crime activity and incident locations. Lodi Police Department employed the CPS Mobile product, which equips officers with mobile software in their patrol cars for mapping of criminal offenders and offender look-up, as well as address locator technology, which improves officer response time. And, San Joaquin County Sheriff Department along with Manteca and Lodi police departments use the CPS Solutions flagship product, CPS Map, a superior desktop solution, which, provides comprehensive mapping capabilities, staffing analysis and decision support.

“Our products are making a difference throughout the region,” Leinfelder reports. “We have long known that technology is changing the way we work, but CPS Solutions aims to use technology to change the way we think.”

“It really is about how we think,” Chief Charles Halford of Manteca PD contends. “We could use costly, elaborate systems with ‘bells and whistles,’ that don’t really fit our needs or give us useful information that we can work with. We’d rather be able to analyze data and think through the unique attributes of every situation easily. CPS Solutions’ products make this happen for us giving us a streamlined approach, superb analytical capabilities and unmatched value.”

“Beyond the tremendous product capabilities, I equally value CPS Solutions’ commitment to service,” Lt. Bryan Noblett of Lodi PD notes. “They are genuinely committed to community safety and a job well done. We can depend on the best technical service and support as well as a “solutions-oriented” mindset. They really want to help create and encourage crime management solutions.”

CPS Solutions’ product portfolio also includes an intranet product and a multi-agency mapping product to facilitate a link among neighboring law enforcement jurisdictions so they can collaborate when criminals cross over into another agency’s area. All CPS Solutions products deliver aggregated, global and historical data in a graphical format with easy statistical access. CPS Solutions, a software development company in Stockton, California, was established in 2001 to facilitate community safety with technology products, including crime mapping, data management and law enforcement strategic analysis opportunities. For more information, visit or call (209) 479-5477.

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