Manteca PD's Crime-Mapping Web Site Gets High Marks

Feedback signals “value” after just three months

Manteca, CA — Manteca citizens have given positive reviews of the police department’s new crime-mapping web site, which has been in operation since mid-October 2006. A recent assessment of user feedback found people like the CPS Map-Web product chosen and implemented by the Manteca Police Department to link citizens to crime activity maps, crime data analysis and educational resources specific to the city of Manteca. The web site gives citizens the ability to fully know the level of crime, and the types of crimes in their neighborhoods. Subscribers also receive weekly crime reports in an automated email notification.

“We took a look at what people are saying about their experience with our web site and we’re learning quite a bit about the product’s far-reaching application,” spokesperson Rex Osborn reported. “People really value this web site as a new community asset.”

A sampling of citizen comments illustrates Osborn’s assertion:

  • Raoul, a Neighborhood Watch member said at a recent meeting; "Having the maps at my fingertips has helped me know what is going on in my neighborhood before I read about it in the newspaper."
  • Paul, a newspaper reporter stated; "I still have call the PIO daily, but now I call with questions from the maps, makes my job more efficient."
  • Joe F. a local property manager; "I have highlighted areas were my rentals are and I can keep up with what is going on in the neighborhood I don't even live in."
  • Jill, parent; "I put in my kids school address and know every time the school calls the police, which isn't often thank god."
  • Steve R. Realtor; "The maps help me decide what kind of neighborhood I am listing in and how to pitch the sale."
CPS Solutions developed the crime-mapping product CPS Map-Web. Co-founder Pauline Leinfelder suggests these testimonials speak volumes regarding the product’s true worth. “When we see that people are using the product and deriving real benefit, we know we’ve hit the mark. We know these are major steps in motivating the community to take an active role in crime activity awareness, education and safety,” she adds.

Citizens can access the product at and see current data dynamically loaded to generate a range of maps, legends and analyses. Manteca Police Department moved to offer the public web site as part of their progressive commitment to empower the community with crime data.

The Manteca Police Department, founded in 1918, thrives today serving more than 65,000 citizens. A full-service law enforcement agency, the Manteca Police Department employs the latest technology and policing techniques to ensure a safe and prosperous community.

CPS Solutions, a software development company in Stockton, California, was established in 2001 to facilitate community safety with technology products, including crime mapping, data management and law enforcement strategic analysis opportunities. Visit or call (209) 479-5477 for more information.

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