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GE licenses key computer vision patents to Polis Solutions

Technology supports expanded AI analysis of police body-worn camera video


Photo via Polis

Press Release

DALLAS - Polis Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of a Technology Transfer and License Agreement with General Electric Company. This Agreement grants Polis access to pivotal GE computer vision technology. This technology is crucial for AI analysis of interactions recorded on police and other public safety personnel’s body-worn cameras.

GE’s computer vision technology is key to the commercial expansion of Polis’ new TrustStat™ AI system. TrustStat™ is the world’s inaugural multimodal AI system dedicated to analyzing police body-worn camera (BWC) video. It integrates three AI types to scrutinize interaction patterns between officers and the public. This analysis provides agencies and communities with actionable data on police-community trust and other vital public safety metrics.

Contrary to technologies that analyze only audio transcripts from officers, TrustStat™ examines the entire interaction. It utilizes a combination of computer vision, natural language processing, and speech processing. This combination allows for analysis of behavior, semantics (what is being said), and paralinguistics (how it is being said). Incorporating GE’s computer vision technology and scientific expertise will propel Polis to the forefront of AI analysis of social interactions.

Polis CEO Dr. Jonathan Wender states, “Integrating GE’s computer vision capabilities into TrustStat™ significantly boosts our ability to pinpoint factors leading to safe, equitable outcomes in police-community interactions.” GE’s Chief Scientist for AI, Dr. Peter Tu, now a member of Polis’ Board of Advisors, adds, “Recent strides in computer vision technology enable a more profound interpretation of police interactions with the community.”

This partnership with GE further strengthens Polis’ existing collaboration with Microsoft. TrustStat™ is developed on the Azure Government Platform, reflecting the joint vision of Polis and Microsoft for the responsible use of AI. This collaboration aims to foster trust, fairness, and equity in public safety service delivery.

TrustStat™'s adaptive design caters to diverse organizational and community objectives. These range from optimized patrol operations and community engagement to efficient, data-driven supervision and training.