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Report: Body camera analytics shows major improvement in police professionalism

Using Truleo for body camera analysis, the Paterson, N.J. Police Department saw a 3x increase in the use of highly professional language by officers and a 50% reduction in unprofessional officer language from 2022 to 2023

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Celebrating Police Professionalism



PATERSON, N.J. — Truleo, the leading automated body camera review and analysis technology company for law enforcement, today announced that a study of outcomes from the Paterson (NJ) Police Department has spotlighted a major improvement in professionalism by officers after less than six months using the company’s technology. Highlights of the study include a tripling of officers’ use of “highly professional” language in interactions with the public.

Most police departments in the U.S. review less than 1% of their body camera videos but Truleo uses artificial intelligence to process 100% of the footage and create supervisor workflows that help automate supervision, facilitate coaching, and promote police professionalism. The technology automatically detects critical events and screens for both professional and unprofessional officer language so supervisors can then praise or review officers’ conduct.

Police departments across the country are facing unprecedented difficulties recruiting, retaining, and training young officers, and to combat this crisis, more and more agencies have turned to Truleo. From the NYPD to small-town departments, Truleo’s partners are seeing firsthand the benefits of how this technology can be used as a tool to train young officers and celebrate those doing a good job.

Paterson Police Department used Truleo’s Body-Worn Camera analytics and observed the following improvements in 2023 compared with the same period in 2022:

  • A 50% increase in camera activations
  • A 3x increase in the use of highly professional language by officers
  • A 50% reduction in unprofessional officer language
  • A 57% increase in officers properly introducing themselves

These improvements also correlated with a 58% increase in interactions containing expressions of gratitude, an indicator that the improvement in professionalism is felt by community members.
“I am immensely proud of our partnership with Officer in Charge Abbassi and the Paterson PD,” said Anthony Tassone, co-founder and CEO of Truleo. “They are fulfilling the promise they made to their community and deserve to be celebrated for their professionalism and commitment to training.”

To read the full Paterson report, click here.