Applied Signal Technology, Inc. to Showcase Products at SOFIC 2009 Conference

Sunnyvale, CA.--( Business Wire )-- Applied Signal Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ:APSG) (AST), a leading provider of advanced intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions, today announced that it will showcase an extensive and evolving collection of advanced communications surveillance products at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) on June 2-4 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida.

AST is committed to developing and fielding advanced ISR technologies that outfit Special Operations Forces (SOF) with mission-ready solutions that are compact yet offer full functionality and superior performance. The Company will showcase a wide range of advanced, lightweight signals intelligence (SIGINT) products that provide enhanced situational awareness of battlefield emitters. These capabilities are key to ensuring that Special Operations Forces retain their dominant tactical advantage in today’s increasingly complex and asymmetric combat environment.

AST has developed a family of software-defined radio (SDRs) systems for mobile, fixed, dismounted, and airborne applications. Some of AST’s advanced ISR products being showcased are the Model 680 RAIDER, Model 660 HYDRA, Model 650 ROGUE, Model 570X SIREN, and the PEGASUS family of products. These products will be on display at booth numbers 1227 and 1229.

RAIDER, the newest SDR, is a configurable, next-generation surveillance system specifically designed for ground-based tactical operations. RAIDER has the ability to support survey requirements for very-high-speed data rates and voice communications as well as process modern communication signals with a four-fold increase in capacity over current surveillance products.

HYDRA, a low size, weight, and power (SWAP) design, is a multichannel receiver system specifically designed for airborne SIGINT missions. HYDRA operates across a wide bandwidth and allows tactical users to locate emitters on the battlefield. The system features adaptive beamforming and geolocation capabilities.

ROGUE, a compact and rugged man-portable tactical SIGINT system, allows troops to collect actionable intelligence and perform threat analysis in the field.

AST’s Model 570X SIREN offers an extremely low SWAP profile allowing superior functionality for both ground-based and airborne SIGINT operations, and is particularly well suited for deployment on small, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) where low SWAP payload is paramount. The system provides passive surveillance and emitter geolocation.

PEGASUS, a low SWAP family of electronic intelligence (ELINT) products, offers high precision mono-pulse direction finding, geolocation, parametric measurement analysis, and reporting of electronic emitters in real time. PEGASUS is scalable and can be configured for deployment in manned and unmanned vehicles for ground-based, airborne, surface, mobile, and fixed-site applications.

"Our extensive line of ISR products provides critical capabilities to the tactical SIGINT community. Our low size, weight, and power solutions significantly enhance battlefield situational awareness, allowing troops to obtain timely, mission-critical data, anywhere, at anytime, to precisely identify and locate signals of interest," said Dr. Joseph Leonelli, vice president of AST's Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Systems Division. "SOFIC 2009 is an excellent venue to showcase the breadth and depth of AST’s leading-edge ISR technologies. We look forward to presenting our products and capabilities to the Special Operations community next week."

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