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GenVis unveils new MOTHERSHIP Video Analytics Solution at ResponderX Live ‘18

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Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Facial Recognition is MOTHERSHIP by GenVis; a next generation video analytics solution built for public safety teams everywhere.

San Francisco - GenVis, a visual artificial intelligence (AI) company from Australia, unveiled their new video analytics solution, MOTHERSHIP at ResponderXLive ‘18 in San Francisco.

CEO Kirstin Butcher said, “Showcasing MOTHERSHIP at ResponderXLive ‘18 is an exciting event for the
GenVis team. We have been working closely with law enforcement agencies in Australia, building a solution that helps protect people and assets in real time scenarios or in the case of post event video analysis, find suspects fast.”

MOTHERSHIP by GenVis uses proprietary AI and facial recognition technology to analyse video files and
live camera feeds to uncover intelligence and surface insights that drive action. The solution detects, tracks and summarizes the activities of people, motion and vehicles quickly, enabling mission critical outcomes at a fraction of the time and cost of existing solutions.

Kirstin went on to say, “What makes MOTHERSHIP stand out from the pack is the unique combination of
proprietary technology and customer-centric design, delivered as a cloud based, software-as-a-service
(SaaS) solution. Our goal is to give every customer equal access to visual AI regardless of organisation size or location, helping them scale their impact from first use.”

The team at GenVis are now expanding their reach and working with agencies in the US and Canada.

About GenVis
GenVis is the Visual Artificial Intelligence (AI) company with real-world expertise in computer vision, deep
learning and data science. Our powerful solutions help Public Safety organisations act on visual data.

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