GeoSafe Introduces Mobile Data Sharing App at IACP 2016

SAN DIEGO, CA - October, 2016 - At IACP 2016, GeoSafe ( presented GeoSafe Mobile, a new mobile CAD product that enables interoperability between public safety agencies. With this product, first responders see a bird’s-eye view of their agency’s operations including real-time GPS tracked units and 911-call information. Situational awareness is increased as officers are able to see information from their own and connected agencies. With live updating maps, messaging, and CJIS-compliant access to state and federal databases, officers have instant access to all the tools they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Sharing critical information between police, fire, and EMS is important for agencies of any size. GeoSafe Mobile has a simple subscription pricing model that scales with your agency.

Garvin County, Oklahoma has multiple agencies using various CAD systems from different vendors. “One of our wildlife officers got into a pursuit and when the car finally stopped, he had no idea where he was,” said Garvin County 911 coordinator, Steve Bratcher. He continued, “But because we had him tracked on GeoSafe Mobile the entire time, our on-duty deputy was there in less than 5 minutes for backup. Our county is 814 square miles, so no one is ever 5 minutes from anything.”GeoSafe Mobile is available on iPhone, iPad, and Windows.

For a live demo visit us at the IACP Conference in booth #4358. For more information, go to or email to start a free trial.

About GeoSafe In 2008, GeoSafe transformed how public safety agencies respond to calls for service and communicate with each other. Today, they lead the industry in interoperability software that connects law, fire and EMS agencies from different jurisdictions. GeoSafe provides easy-to-use communication and tracking systems that enhance emergency response and situational awareness.

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