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Mass. police broadcast ‘what it takes to be a cop’

Videos that debut on the department’s social media pages show what the life of a cop is like for aspiring recruits

By Scott J. Croteau
The Telegram

WORCESTER, Mass. — Since the Worcester Police Department’s recruit class started the Worcester Police Academy, department media specialist Kathleen A. Daly has been there with video equipment in hand.

From class work to firearms training, Ms. Daly has chronicled the struggles, hard work and lessons learned by the recruits, which includes officers from some other area departments as well.

Police Chief Gary J. Gemme said the idea of videotaping the training was brought to him by Ms. Daly, a former Channel 3 news reporter in Worcester. Ms. Daly has already ramped up the department’s use of Facebook and Twitter, adding what the chief called more accessibility to department information by the public and media outlets. Adding more transparency is beneficial to the department, the chief said.

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