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ELSAG: From Remington roots to international LPR vendor

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Although it’s part of an Italian defense company, ELSAG has always developed and built its license plate reader products in the United States

License plate reader vendor ELSAG may be owned by an Italian parent company, but all its equipment is developed, manufactured and supported in the United States. The company operates two facilities, an engineering and manufacturing plant in Greensboro, North Carolina, and a software research and development office in Brewster, New York.

“I’m very proud that in addition to employing nearly 100 people in the U.S., we’re the only LPR company who makes its equipment in the United States,” said Jason Laquatra, ELSAG’s senior vice president of operations.

ELSAG was launched in 2004 as a joint venture between the Remington Arms Company, a long-established American arms maker, and ELSAG, a division of Leonardo (formerly Finmeccanica), a Rome-based defense company.

When Remington Arms was purchased by a holding company in 2007, ELSAG became ELSAG North America. In 2014, ELSAG was brought under a different division called Selex ES and underwent a name change, but ultimately the company returned to the ELSAG brand in late 2016.

“We wanted to maintain our brand identity,” said Laquatra. “Our name is very meaningful to us, and the heritage as Remington ELSAG is important to us.” Remington is well-known and respected among U.S. law enforcement, and ELSAG follows the example of the historic brand.

“Remington has an outstanding reputation for durability, particularly in their 870 shotgun, which is a staple in police cars across the United States,” said Laquatra. “ELSAG took cues from Remington in terms of how to make something law enforcement-durable, which is no small task.”

The company offers fixed and mobile LPR cameras and monitoring software, as well as covert and custom solutions. Check out this video for a demonstration of the cameras’ durability.

About ELSAG:
ELSAG is a leader in Air Traffic Management, Law Enforcement, and Communications technologies. The company delivers robust solutions for the pressing needs of Government Agencies, Armed Forces, and Commercial and Industrial operators. In addition to full design, production, and commissioning in the US, ELSAG ensures seamless access to the full product offerings of the ELSAG group for military and civil markets, including Smart Buildings, Automation and Transportation.