Knox County Sheriff's Office Adopts NextLevel Training's SIRT Training Pistol as Official Training Device

Manufacturer provides law enforcement the opportunity to maintain shooting performance and preparation

Ferndale, Wash. - NextLevel Training (NLT), manufacturer of firearms training products such as the SIRT LaserTraining Pistol™, a Diagnostic dry-fire training pistol that emits a laser when breaking the auto-resetting trigger, has announced that the Knox County Sherriff’s Office, located in Knox County, TN, has adopted the SIRT Training Pistol as their official training pistol for their training staff, as well as their new recruit class.

With nearly 1,100 employees and 600 sworn officers, the Sherriff’s office recognized a capability gap in their new recruit classes when it came to firearms training and application.

“During our firearms week, we had a recruit who was having a really hard time grasping everything we were trying to teach him,” stated Captain Mike Brooks, Principle Firearms Instructor for the Knox County Sherriff’s Office. “At one point his performance was so bad, we removed him from the firing range and disallowed him from completing that portion of the training. Our department at the time had only two SIRT training pistols, and the instructors issued one of those pistols to the recruit, with a curriculum of dry-fire skills to train with in his free time. After four months of training, the recruit was then put through a seven-stage qualifying course, and passed with a 97%.”

Introduced at SHOT Show 2011, the SIRT Training Pistol is a laser-based replica pistol that allows shooters, from beginners to advanced, to improve their gun handling skills such as draws, sight alignment, trigger mechanics, follow-through, target transitions, reloads, shooting on the move and other skills; all without incurring the prohibitive costs of ammunition and targets necessary for time spent at the range.

Designed with simplicity as a top priority, the SIRT allows for training anywhere; providing immediate feedback, this makes it unlike any standard live-fire or Air Soft pistol. These inert laser training systems are applicable to a range of training exercises including shot accuracy, weapons manipulation, sidearm handling, integrated cardio and live course programs and even force-on-force training scenarios.

In addition to the recruit class, the Sherriff’s department has also been tasked with training the newly implemented school security officers, who are placed in the schools throughout the district; and each new security officer is trained with a SIRT before they pick up a live-fire pistol – focusing on grip, trigger-reset and sight alignment.

“The SIRT Training Pistol was designed to complement, not replace, live fire training,” says NextLevel Training Founder and CEO, Mike Hughes. “It brings together a host of technologies critical to improving accuracy in a cost-effective and flexible environment. The SIRT doesn’t just permit additional training – it encourages it!”

The Knox County Sherriff’s office ensures their entire training staff has access to the SIRT Training Pistol at all times, and makes the pistols part of every incoming recruit class. Additionally, the Sherriff’s department will soon be hosting an instructor school with NextLevel Training to ensure all instructors are fully educated in the best use of the SIRT.

Manufactured in the USA with sturdy construction, the SIRT Training Pistol looks and feels like a live fire pistol by matching the size, weight, and center of gravity of a live fire pistol. In addition, the SIRT Training Pistol even offers a host of customizable features including magazine release and replaceable sights.

About NextLevel Training
NextLevel Training, located in Ferndale, Washington, supplies SIRT Training Pistols and supplies to law enforcement agencies, competitive marksmen, NRA Certified Trainers, the US military, and private individuals. To learn more about NextLevel Training and the SIRT Training Pistol, please visit

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