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Vector Responder Alert Program Protects Autistic & Officers


Vector Defensive Systems, LLC announces the nationwide launch of the Chief Green Responder Alert Program for Autism Awareness.

One in five adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will have some kind of interaction with law enforcement before their 21st birthday. Recognizing the need for better tools and training for law enforcement to respond to autistic individuals and emotionally disturbed persons (EDP’s), this program provides law enforcement with crucial tools and training to more safely and effectively interact with an adult or child who could be having an emotional episode unannounced to an officer.

Responder Alert stickers, created by Chief David Green of the Wellford City Police Department notify an officer that an autistic person may be present at a call to a home, traffic stop or accident. Vector provides stickers, training and safety barriers to officers so they are able to more safely evaluate a situation for both an autistic individual and an officer.

Vectors have protected officers and surrounding civilians in thousands of documented police reports. Vectors have stopped guns, blades, bats, bricks, chairs, attacking dogs and other physical assaults against officers where violence was de-escalated, officers were saved, surrounding civilians were protected and attackers were arrested with no shots fired.

Responder Alert Program for Autism Awareness:

Vector Defensive Systems owns the patent on the Vector, a lightweight, single-arm-secured NIJ Level 3 centerline protection ballistic barrier and is the only company to instruct its training program.

The Vector can be used with all other tools an officer has and fulfills Use of Force Laws as a “barrier” for departments in many states.


Credentialed LE are asked to request a 30 minute Skype demo.



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