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HG2 Emergency Lighting to launch brand new HG2 Z-Drive Technology™

Innovative family owned and operated emergency lighting developer and manufacturer debuts new technology at IACP 2017

ORLANDO, Fla. — HG2 Emergency Lighting, the nation’s premier emergency lighting manufacturer, will be debuting new technology at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Convention October 22-24th, 2017 at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Visionary CEO and autodidactic Monsour Baker completely revolutionized the industry with the release of the first patented HG2 Side Runner™ in 2010. Now he has engineered the next level of patent pending HG2 products with the implementation of the HG2 Z-Drive Technology™. HG2 Z-Drive Technology™ allows for increased customization, utility in abstract locations on vehicles, and overall specific and pinpoint precision for lighting array and visibility. With a micro-controller integrated into the housing, now no longer requiring a separate controller, this ground-breaking innovation is unparalleled within the industry and is sure to influence many other products in its wake. Featuring custom-tailored optics, each lighting application will have a specific optical output for the product’s unique purpose.

The HG2 Rear Tahoe Tailgate™, the world’s only OEM factory replacement rear lighting solution, is perfectly sized and does not require any modification or special application. This one-piece tailgate utilizes the flush design of tailor-made optics that result in a totally covert appearance.

The Z-Drive Technology™ brings to life the 2nd generation, HG2 Z-Drive Side Runners™. With a brand-new aesthetic, the Z-Drive Runners™ have the smallest footprint and housing of any product in the industry. It’s modern, modulated appearance adapts to the latest high-end features including dual-color override with flood and takedown capabilities. The Z-Drive Runners™ can be customized to fit any vehicle year, make, and model.

The HG2 MirrorZ Series™, another addition utilizing the revolutionary Z-Drive Technology™, is a unique replacement to the vehicles original mirror housing. Taking advantage of industry leading CNC and 3D printing capabilities, the newest addition to the product line will employ our most versatile lighting module, the HG2 DS Series™.

The HG2 DS Series™, a mono-optic native lighting application, which is available in a 6, 12, and 24 LED configuration, now takes precedence and is no longer considered a subsequent addition. Retaining a universal footprint, the spectrum of utility for the HG2 DS series™ knows no limit, allowing for installation on the entire exterior and interior of any vehicle without compromising the framework or foundation. The DS Series will also have available multi-unit housing options that will exponentially increase the lighting applications visibility, presence, and luminosity intensity.

About HG2 Emergency Lighting
HG2 Emergency Lighting designs, engineers and manufactures an innovative product line of lighting and controls for professional emergency responders, utility and service fleets, aviation ground services and construction vehicles. With a 25-year history in the automotive and lighting industry, HG2 Emergency Lighting is headquartered in Orlando, Florida. You can find out more from their website at or on their social medias @hg2lighting.