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On-demand webinar: Enhancing officer efficiency with Dacra Tech and Zebra Technologies

Unlocking the future of law enforcement software and hardware

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As law enforcement agencies strive to enhance efficiency, streamline operations and improve community safety, the role of technology becomes increasingly critical. Join us for an exclusive webinar focused on the latest advancements in law enforcement software and hardware. Our panel of experts from Dacra Tech and Zebra Technologies provide invaluable insights, case studies and practical solutions designed to empower officers and agencies in fulfilling their mission effectively.

This webinar outlines the latest cutting-edge tow management systems by Dacra Tech, showcasing how these solutions optimize the vehicle inventory with real-time tracking plus eCitation and tow receipts that support transparency throughout the tow process. You will learn how Dacra Tech’s innovations can significantly save time, reduce paperwork and enhance overall operational efficiency. Additionally, we delve into the role of administrative adjudication in resolving non-criminal violations, exploring how streamlined processes benefit both law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Through case studies and best practices, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the advantages of automated workflows, courtesy of Zebra Technologies, which simplify tasks, minimize errors and enable officers to prioritize serving and protecting their communities.


“I enjoyed hearing about the potential technology has to improve processes.”

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L - R: Tami Wanless, Dan Cyko, Scott Thie

Tami Wanless is a key member of the Dacra Tech senior management team and establishes policies that promote company culture and vision through its operations. Tami is the key in helping municipalities flourish through education and structure. She leads Dacra Tech’s business operations and client success teams, ensuring the company’s on-boarding, training and client service are comprehensive, responsive and user-friendly. Tami has deep experience in education and software training and implementation. She holds a master’s degree in Adult Education from Northern Illinois University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in science from the University of St. Francis.

Sergeant Dan Cyko (ret.) began his 25-year career with the North Aurora Police Department in 1999. During his career, he served as a truck enforcement officer, traffic officer, field training officer, crash reconstructionist, drone operator and patrol sergeant. Dan is a graduate of Northwestern University School and Police Staff and Command.

Scott Thie has over 25 years of experience solving technology challenges for public safety agencies and many other government customers. He has worked at various well-known public safety focused IT organizations and has a keen understanding of the unique technology requirements law enforcement personnel have, as well as how to solve the challenges they face on the job every day. He serves as a public safety subject matter expert at Zebra Technologies and currently leads their state and local government sales team.