Setcom Introduces the ALL NEW Liberator™ Wireless Mobile-Portable

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Tough. Durable. Secure. Built for Motor Cops.

Setcom raises the bar once again with the all new Liberator 9. Features include magnetic wireless technology, extremely long battery life, ultra high security and much more! Setcom Liberator™ Wireless Mobile-Portable.

Continuing to set the standard in police motorcycle wireless communications systems, the Liberator 9 system eliminates the cable between the rider and the motorcycle. It seamlessly allows for rapid transition from using the mobile radio while on the motorcycle to using the portable radio while off the motorcycle.

Following are a few features of the Liberator 9:

- Extremely long battery life: Setcom's system has talk time of up to 40 hours which easily accommodates extended shifts. Moreover, if the user accidently forgets to charge the SuperMic after a shift, he is not down the next day because of a depleted battery.

- No syncing or pairing: Just walk up to any motorcycle equipped with the Liberator 9 system and sit down. The Liberator 9 system automatically links with the wireless SuperMic without pushing any buttons. Switching motorcycles is as easy as walking over to another bike.

- No radio interference: Setcom's system uses Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) which is a low power, low frequency technology designed primarily for military use. Because it uses magnetic induction, the technology is virtually immune to radio frequency (RF) interference.

- Personal area network (PAN): The NFMI technology creates a highly secure communication "bubble" for the Liberator 9 user. The bubble allows for dedicated communication channels, no bandwidth sharing requirements, complete frequency re-use between bubbles, reliable coexistence with WiFi, CDMA, TDMA. and GSM, and very substantial savings in power.

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