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SHOT Show spotlight: Patrol car seatback organizer

Grey Man Tactical’s products help turn piles of gear into organized gear

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Grey Man Tactical (GMT) has an intriguing set of USA-made MOLLE-compatible products that help turn piles of gear into organized gear.

Owner Paul Capdepon originally wanted to clean up his range bag and store his offshore oil platform working gear so that it was organized and easy to get to. One thing led to another, and Grey Man Tactical is the result. Many officers, especially those using rented, leased, or undercover cars, still have to dig through their trunks to locate their plate carrier, rifle or shotgun and helmet after arriving on site. Like Paul, you now have a solution.

Products are sold ala carte or in several packages. The polyethylene panels are designed for use where security is not an issue while the aluminum panels offer a more secure platform. RMP backer plates are available, which are used to secure non-MOLLE hard items such as rifle racks, belt holsters and clamps.

GMT 1.png

Four images on the green background, clockwise from left top: High-density polyethylene panel, Aluminum RMP system panels with backing plates, fabric panel cover, a Scott Lock AR retention system mounted on a GMT seatback system. The images on the right show the two-seat pre-packaged LE system.

GMT 2.png

The Scott Lock AR backplate (left) with a cable lock passed through can be attached to a magnetic backing system on a GMT panel (center), or the AR can be secured with a rubber strap (right).

Whether ala carte or as part of a pre-packaged system, the aluminum RMP seatback panels are secured to the headrest posts with the machined aluminum RMP Headrest Mounting Clamp. A heavy-duty cable locks the bottom of the panel to the vehicle for security.

The pictured two-seat system comes with everything you need and is available pre-assembled or as a kit. On the passenger seat, the system features a locking rifle rack with a keyed or electronic release, two rifle and two pistol magazine pouches, and a general-purpose MOLLE pouch. On the headrest is a fully loaded IFAK.

On the driver’s seatback is a robust hanger perfect for a plate carrier or other gear. A 48" buckled multi-purpose strap keeps the plate carrier snug against the seatback during transit and easily releases with a single side release buckle. Above this is a headrest organizer for helmet or bag storage. Two elastic-loaded covers are included to hide your gear from prying eyes.

If your patrol car has a prisoner cage you still can use a passenger-side seatback unit by reversing it so that the panel faces forward. Of course, you’re now limited to solo patrol unless you remove the unit and stow it in the trunk.

Sharing the booth with Grey Man Tactical was Scott Lock, which sells a portable AR15 rifle lock. Front and back plates go around the rifle, blocking the trigger and takedown pins. The rifle lock can be mounted onto a Grey Man Tactical panel with magnets or the rifle itself can be secured to the panel with a rubber clamp. The benefit of the Scott Lock is that it does not require modification to the vehicle and is portable simply by removing the cable lock and transporting it to be locked down elsewhere.

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Ron LaPedis is an NRA-certified Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA, USCCA and California DOJ-certified instructor, is a uniformed first responder, and frequently writes and speaks on law enforcement, business continuity, cybersecurity, physical security and public/private partnerships.