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After PD’s ‘car salesman’ recruitment video goes viral, applications roll in

Fort Worth officer Buddy Calzada, who was the star of the video, shares how the project came about

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By Ashley Silver

FORT WORTH, Texas — Texas police officer, Buddy Calzada, sat down recently to discuss the success of a viral Fort Worth Police Department recruitment video that had viewers wanting to “come on down.”

“Our number-one job was to get the attention of people and have recruits sign up, and it is working. We have been overloaded, and it is a great thing,” Calzada told FOX News.

The recruitment video takes an unusual “car salesman” approach aimed at getting the attention of possible candidates by both having some fun and showcasing all the assignments Ft. Worth PD has to offer. The video even references that the agency takes lateral officer “trade-ins.”

Another officer wrote the script, according to Calzada, but he was thrilled to take on the role of Big B, the lead officer seen in the video.

The department’s creativity paid off. FOX News reported that as of last week, the police department had over 300 new applications and that number is still rising.

Watch the entire recruitment video here.