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Recruitment and retention blueprint offers data-driven strategies for police agencies

The document aims to provide an interrelated system among recruitment, screening, officer accountability and promotion, and officer wellness

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By Police1 Staff

The Smart Policing Initiative, in partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, has released “Blueprint for Law Enforcement Recruitment and Retention in the 21st Century: Principles of a Comprehensive Recruitment, Hiring, Promotion, and Retention Strategy.”

The Blueprint includes four principles with associated strategies for agencies to consider when addressing police officer recruitment and retention including:

  • Effective and equitable approaches to expand the pool of officer candidates;
  • Identification of the best candidates during screening and selection;
  • Retention of officers that reflect the values of the agency and community with accountability and promotion processes; and
  • Development of officer wellness systems to better serve officers and communities.

The document is based on proceedings from a 2022 BJA convening on the topic, contemporary research, best practice, and federal executive orders and consent decrees related to the topic. Collectively, these sources provide a comprehensive perspective on contemporary recruitment and retention issues and offer data-driven directions for future action.

See the document in full below or click here to download it from the SPI website.

Blueprint for Law Enforcement Recruitment and Retention in the 21st Century: Principles of a Comprehensive... by epraetorian on Scribd

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