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The value of human behavior pattern recognition and analysis for law enforcement

Being able to read human behavior patterns in real-time can allow officers to predict, detect, avoid or mitigate dangerous or unsafe situations

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The public has a high expectation that law enforcement officers should be able to see in the future and know what is going to happen on a call for service. We have seen new legislation that is based upon this presumption, especially in situations where force is used. How exactly are officers supposed to learn how to see into the future, much less through clothing and concealed areas to know if there is a weapon present on a suspect or not?

Today’s guests on the Policing Matters podcast may be able to show us how we can sharpen our senses and use science to help us predict outcomes based on human reactions. Brian Marren is a human behavior subject matter expert and Senior VP of Operations at Arcadia Cogenerati, a company that trains in the science of human behavior. A former Marine Scout Sniper with multiple deployments to Iraq, he has worked with people from the military, Fortune 500 companies, schools, hospitals, churches and law enforcement agencies. Greg Williams is the president and founder of Arcadia Cognerati, and a decorated urban law enforcement professional and a decorated former soldier with over 30 years of combined experience and expertise. Brian and Greg also host a podcast called “The Left of Greg.”


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