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Officers bring night vision goggles to veteran before he goes blind

A Navy veteran, who’s 75 percent blind and about to lose his vision, had his wish fulfilled thanks to a Florida police department


By Police1 Staff

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla. — A Navy veteran who’s about to lose his vision had his wish fulfilled thanks to a Florida police department.

WTVT reported that 88-year-old Stanley Gold is 75 percent blind and has a short time left with any vision. Before losing his vision, Gold asked the Pembroke Pines Police Department if he could try its night-vision goggles.

On July 11, members of the department’s SWAT unit arrived at Gold’s home to fulfill his wish. The department posted a video of the Korean War veteran trying on the goggles on Twitter. One officer is heard on the video asking Gold if he’s “ready to go to work.”

“I already spent 37 years at the post office,” Gold replied with a laugh.

After letting him try the goggles, Gold said he appreciated the officer’s kind gesture and gave them each a Klondike bar as a gesture of thanks.

“I was thrilled, completely thrilled that they came,” Gold told WSVN. “If one person would have come I would have been thrilled, but to see five of them come in to my house with their uniforms on, it was really great.”