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Recruitment and Retention Crisis: The Struggle to Hire – and Keep – Good Cops

There are nearly one million law enforcement officers in the United States serving a population of 320 million adults and children. Law enforcement agencies constantly need to replace officers due to retirement and other causes of attrition, and in many places need to grow their ranks. This special coverage series takes an in-depth look at the recruitment and retention challenges police agencies currently face, and potential solutions to the crisis.

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With a strong economy and low unemployment, police agencies are struggling to fill their ranks and keep good cops
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To truly embrace diversity, police departments need to implement change from the top down
The messages police departments send to potential candidates are a critical part of the recruitment process
Taking a strategic approach to hiring officers increases the likelihood you will retain those good cops in your ranks
A generational wariness toward long-term employment commitments creates employee retention issues
Calls for service continue to increase while recruitment numbers dwindle; police leaders must develop recruitment strategies that address these challenges