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Video: Texas officer on jet ski rescues man, 3 dogs from flooded home

The home shown in the Houston Police officer’s body camera video is almost completely submerged in murky water

By Joanna Putman

HOUSTON, Texas — Body camera footage shows a Houston Police Department officer rescue a man and three dogs from a flooded home, KSAT reported.

Video of the May 4 incident shows the officer approaching a man using a jet ski. The man’s home is almost completely submerged in murky water.

The man passes one dog up to the officer, informing him that there are two more dogs in danger from the flood. He then climbed onto the jet ski himself, video shows. The man tells the officer that he is okay.

“I’m Officer Scott, and now we’re friends,” the officer tells the man.

The video then cuts forward to show that the body camera is underwater as the officer rescues another dog. As the second dog is loaded onto the jet ski, the man and the officer no longer have room.

The video again cuts forward, showing a law enforcement boat arriving at the scene. The two dogs and the man climb onto the boat. An officer on the boat can then be heard telling Scott that another dog is still in the water.

Video shows Scott locating the third dog clinging to a stand of trees. He pulls the dog to safety on the jet ski.

The flooding in Houston is from days of constant rain, causing several rivers to overflow.