NYPD Strategic Initiatives Bureau announces 2023 symposium

The event provides an opportunity for graduate students and professional academics to present their work in front of police executives

By Police1 Staff

NEW YORK — The NYPD Strategic Initiatives Bureau has announced its NYPD InKnowVation Spring 2023 Symposium on May 11, 2023.

The symposium is an opportunity for policing professionals, external and internal subject matter experts, and academic scholars to share their recent research and/or studies in policing.

This year’s theme is “Step Forward – Reimagining Policing in the 21st Century” and will feature four tracks in the following topics:

  1. Next-generation policing: Re-envisioning the future of policing through continuous improvement and innovation.
  2. Strengthening engagement: Building upon how policing engages with the community, other municipal agencies, and collaborative partnerships with other agencies.
  3. Neighborhood policing: The co-production of policing within local communities and neighborhoods. How does the philosophy translate into applicability and practicality?
  4. Supporting our own: Strengthening our workforce by seeking diverse talent, promoting wellness and equity, and providing effective training for on-the-job as well as post-retirement.

Selected presentations for the symposium will be allocated 1-hour presentation sessions.

Presentation submissions will be reviewed according to the following conditions:

  • Meets standards for academic rigor and/or reliability
  • Add substantially to the mission of the symposium
  • Contribute to the discourse of re-imagining policing in a positive and fruitful manner
  • Aim to solve a problem or shed light on an issue in policing while ultimately creating positive change
  • Add to the knowledge and processes of policing policy

Click here to submit a proposal by 2/28/2023.

Questions, email innovation@nypd.org.

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