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Reserve Police

Creating civilian positions in key areas will bridge current vacancies and provide a fiscally responsible way to meet the needs of the communities we protect and serve
Volunteer Law Enforcement Officer Alliance President Dr. Ross Wolf discusses the many benefits reserve officers bring to law enforcement
Utilizing the strengths and expertise of volunteers for ultimate agency transparency
Noah Shahnavaz, 24, was killed when a man got out of his car during a traffic stop and opened fire
“The officers here, they work hard, they put their lives in danger,” Lou Ferrigno said
Jeffrey Richardson, 35, was directing traffic on a contract job when he was hit
Departments say it’s been a logistical challenge to complete the training required under new police reforms
Members can’t make arrests or carry weapons, but they do go through a police academy training course, officials said
Reserve Deputy Tom Hoobler had been with the Childress County Sheriff’s Office since 2003
Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins cited state proposals of police reform and increased training requirements for reserves as reasons for folding the unit
Many agencies still require sworn officers to perform tasks that could be handled equally well by others