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Candid feedback from officers in Police1’s State of the Industry survey highlights actionable steps supervisors can take to create a culture where officers feel valued and supported
Small-town police departments turn to grant funds to address the challenges of limited resources, personnel shortages and technology gaps
Officers sound off on what they need from their supervisors and leaders to perform at their peak in Police1’s State of the Industry survey
Statistics provided by Golden PD show that among all 15,362 calls handled by police in the last half of 2023, including for non-emergency runs, response times dropped every month compared to 2022
The money is intended to go toward salaries for sheriffs and deputies, as well as boost recruitment and retention efforts
The Vallejo Police Department is working with the Solano County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol to supplement its ranks
Police Recruitment
The Golden Police Department launched the four-day week program in order to recruit and retain more officers; it has helped with productivity, response times and morale
The Moose Lake city council will soon vote to decide whether to dissolve the police department in favor of a county law enforcement contract
“To our current officers who have chosen to stay with the department ... you continue to fulfill your commitment to making our city a safer place to live and your service does not go unnoticed,” Police Chief Harold Medina said
“We’re pleased to see this increase in applications from [individuals] … willing to go above and beyond to serve and protect, with ... strong moral fiber not exclusive to those with a college education,” said Colonel Christopher Paris
The bill would provide $600 per month to any certified officer who has worked in the state for longer than one year
For you to come out on top, you will be a blend of having the chops and showing up as your best-presented self
Attract police recruits with these actionable insights from a BJA/COPS Office report
Silos kill progress and diminish the greater good, and our greater good is a healthy, operational police agency
“In addition to being police officers, we are also members of the community. We have lives outside of policing, too.”
Exploring comprehensive strategies for keeping officers on the beat — from workplace improvements to enhanced leadership dynamics
“Not a single council member has approached me and asked if I was looking for another officer,” Chief Bill Drollinger said. “They haven’t given me the clearance to make a hire — and I don’t believe they will”
Police Recruitment
“When [the patrol officers] come in, they’re energetic, more engaged, ready to hit the road and get work done,” one supervisor said
The Fair Grove Police Department now has one fully trained officer and two officers still in field training following resignations from two other officers and the police chief
“These grants support the life-saving work of first responders and help public safety agencies to meet the needs of those they serve,” Gov. Maura Healey said
The town of South Vienna could not sustain enough full-time officers to continue having a police department
One oversight board member fears that changing department structure may cause officers to “jump ship,” leaving the force with even fewer officers
“I think it shows people how desperate all these police departments are,” a police union leader said. “I’d like to see the city be a little bit more desperate, too”
“The days of handing a recruit a badge, a gun and then going on some training runs are over,” Jacksonville PD Chief Adam Mefford said
“You can get done with a shift, maybe it was a stressful shift. ... The best way to decompress is go out canoeing, hunting or fishing,” Police Chief Chad Houde said
Union leaders expressed gratitude for city leadership’s “strategic investment” in rebuilding the LAPD with benefits in its new contract
Police and city leaders are working to outsource “minor” calls to free up officers’ schedules, as well as creating new wellness programs for them
“We’re looking for folks to interact with the public on quality-of-life issues,” Public Safety Chief Karrie Howard told council members
The department will have recruiting tables set up at each of the team’s three December home games