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Personal Finances

These personal finance tips will help accelerate your savings for daily necessities and meeting your financial goals
Using an online tax preparation service or working with a public safety tax preparation expert might save you time and money. Here’s what to know.
Here are seven strategies to pay down debt and live within your means
This is the true measure of financial success in law enforcement: being able to enjoy retirement in great physical and mental shape
As a leader, it is your responsibility to provide resources for your officers so they can develop a high-level financial wellness plan
Putting together a simple budget is not difficult. Here are some tips
Regardless of what option turns out to best fit your family’s needs, there are some very important points to remember as you’re making choices
Before you let those lateral transfer dollars burn a hole in your pocket, consider how to best invest in your financial security, on-duty safety or well-being
“I consider it a tragedy that I have deputies that have to get government assistance to support their family,” writes Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott
Regardless of your level of wealth, the failure to establish an estate plan can be detrimental to your family
Guardian House, a 66-unit complex, will have reduced rents for first responders who meet certain income requirements
The best way to break the cycle is to resist spending beyond your means
Police leaders celebrated the bill, saying it could help alleviate the police recruiting crisis
How an age-old challenge and a new generation are chipping away at defined-benefit pensions
Learn who is eligible to receive PSOB benefits, how to appeal if your application was denied and how the program processes COVID-19-related claims
Two-thirds of survey respondents said high housing costs are making it more difficult to recruit new officers
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Investing, in your mind, health or a hobby, can compound the benefit of a bonus on you, your family and others
Learn how to enhance personal and family safety and fend off cyber and physical threats
You are not going to change or save the world, but you will make a difference in the lives of individuals who need you at a moment’s notice
Become an asset to your shift and watch just how quickly and easily you adapt to your new profession
Being familiar with agency policy regarding off-duty work is the first step cops must take
Officers must also check they are truly eligible for retirement before submitting their paperwork
Improve the odds of retiring on your terms by taking advantage of other account and employment options
Your first goal should be to become debt-free
Breaking down the tax benefits, and eligibility cutoffs for stimulus payments outlined by The CARES Act
The CARES Act provides for the suspension of principal and interest payments on most Direct Loans and Federal Family Education Loans
All too often police officers put themselves in unnecessary financial strain, causing them to have to work a ton of overtime or even get a side job