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Secret Service

A defense lawyer said her client gave federal agents free luxury apartments because he wanted to be friends
While the judge conceded there was sufficient evidence to convict, he also said there were “significantly worse and more dangerous impersonation cases”
The two men were reportedly trying to integrate with actual agents, one of whom served on the first lady’s security detail
The Diplomatic Security Service spent a week in South Florida as part of a training tour with police agencies across the country
A former police officer, Keith Mills helped protect the late President George H.W. Bush as well as President George W. Bush during visits to Maine
A Texas man was charged with carrying a dangerous weapon and carrying a rifle outside of a business, among others
The president was not at the resort at the time, although he was scheduled to arrive there later Friday
The Secret Service studied 27 incidents where a total of 91 people were killed and 107 more injured in public spaces in 2018
The library handles threat letters and phony documents, ransom letters and memorabilia
The hunt continues Monday for a man suspected of stealing firearms who has threatened to carry out an unspecified attack
A Secret Service official says an explosive ordnance team was on the scene on Tuesday morning
No hazardous materials were found during a search of a backpack the individual carried
The U.S. Secret Service is investigating the agent
Officer Leslie Coffelt distinguished himself as the only Secret Service member who died saving the president