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Event security

Highlighting the importance of PACE planning in addressing potential security threats, crowd management issues and emergency responses for large gatherings
“I was standing right in front of Union Station, just to the west of the stage, when I heard shots fired.”
Police and fire agencies worked together to prepare and care for a major ski event
The chatter from the radio traffic was nonstop as dispatchers and commanders managed ambulances, medical resources and officers for traffic and crowd control
Three people were detained by police, including 2 juveniles
A hospital spokesperson said 11 children were among those who were injured; police said two people have been detained
The majority of the funding from the $2.35 million deal will go toward personnel costs for deputies from 18 different agencies
Last year, SPD Chief Diaz announced officers would not march in the parade at all, publishing a letter expressing frustration with Seattle Pride’s decision
Last year, Aurora Pride had requested that if police officers wanted to march in the Pride Parade, they do so not in full uniform, particularly not with weapons
Highly detailed maps help illustrate likely areas of vulnerability in and around venues
One suspect was taken into custody shortly after the Sunday night shooting
Michelle Woodfork also laid out what the department is doing to tackle a historic drop in the size of the NOPD’s force
The city and the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office entered into a $950K cooperative endeavor agreement, which provides the method of paying outside officers
The city will now pay most NOPD officers at least the same $50 per hour wage that they had offered to the auxiliary officers
The city has planned to pay officers from outside police agencies to bolster local law enforcement during the season
“You are now the protectors who will make a difference,” Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said as nearly 500 cops graduated from the Police Academy
All public safety agencies will be located in one location for better communication; HPD’s police chief will have the authority to reject security plans
La Crosse police work hard to keep the peace during Octoberfest, and this year, a perimeter protection plan was introduced to prevent a Waukesha-style attack
Authorities had blocked off the area to allow trick-or-treaters but the driver drove around the barricades and traveled recklessly the wrong way
Even if a detailed plan for every contingency isn’t possible, just having the idea of what might happen can lessen the shock and improve response
Officers converged on the vehicle and handcuffed the driver and two passengers
Pride organizers claimed PD handling of a suspicious vehicle delayed the start of the parade
Police said they were called to the suspect’s home in September 2019 after a family member called to say he was threatening “to kill everyone” there
The gunman opened fire from a rooftop and evaded initial capture by dressing as a woman, police said
The amount and specificity of specific skills training must be increased in regularity and intensity for all sworn officers from recruit to chief of police
Authorities said a 22-year-old man named as a person of interest in the shooting was taken into police custody Monday evening
The City of Aurora had revoked the parade’s permit earlier this week because not enough officers signed up to work an overtime shift
The event in Aurora, Illinois, has faced controversy since organizers banned police from marching in uniform
The news comes after parade organizers banned uniformed officers from marching, although police didn’t say if the officer shortage is related