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Event Security

The Trump rally shooting demonstrated commendable actions like quick thinking by citizens, as well as shortcomings such as poor site selection and training gaps
Effective presidential protection relies on more than just federal efforts. Learn how local officers can contribute, stay informed and maintain crucial roles
The death of a firefighter attendee and the wounding of three others, including former President Trump, is a tragic reminder of gunshot wound assessment and treatment challenges
LAPD reportedly had a role in persuading the French government to temporarily suspend a law that does not allow for overseas police officers to be armed in the country
During a congressional hearing, Kimberly Cheatle said the Secret Service was told about a suspicious person two to five times before the shooting at the Trump rally
“Statements blaming this shooting on efforts to promote gender equity are disingenuous at best and deeply dangerous at worst,” the statement said
Columbus, Ohio Police Department officers assisting with RNC security in Milwaukee shot a man after he moved toward an unarmed person while raising knives
“The officer had both hands on the roof to get up on the roof [but] never made it because the shooter had turned towards the officer, and rightfully and smartly, the officer let go,” Butler County Sheriff Michael Slupe said
Public safety agencies are posting tributes to former Buffalo Township Fire Chief Corey Comperatore
“We are confident in the plan we have implemented for the Republican National Convention,” said Audrey Gibson-Cicchino, the U.S. Secret Service’s RNC coordinator
Corey Comperatore, a former Buffalo Township Volunteer Fire Company chief, used his body as a shield to protect his wife and daughter as bullets rang out, loved ones say
Former Buffalo Township Volunteer Fire Company chief Corey Comperatore “died a hero” when he “dove on his family to protect them,” Gov. Josh Shapiro said
The gunman, identified as Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, fired multiple shots at the stage from an “elevated position outside of the rally venue”
The Trump campaign thanked law enforcement and other first responders in a statement and said “he is fine and is being checked out at a local medical facility”
San Diego Police Chief Scott Wahl argued it’s a decision that can’t wait, especially if the technology is going to be in place before Pride week
“We are always here to help any agency as best we can with the resources available,” Lincolnwood Police Chief Jay Parrott said
“Officer indifference may have compromised the awareness, planning and response to Brooklyn Day prior to the large crowds arriving,” department leaders wrote in the report
The Georgia Police Officer Training and Standards Council voted to increase training for new LEOs, adding topics such as election security, crisis intervention and extremist groups
The cost of public safety for NFL games increased due to a 2018 public safety audit and a 2020 officer pay increase to double time for security details
This “eyes in the sky” equipment helps boost safety for community members
This versatile surveillance solution provides lasting benefits
A Deschutes County deputy was one of at least three people injured when a bull jumped out of the ring at the Sisters Rodeo
With the right people, policies, training and supervision in place, we can best handle whatever may come our way during these events
For anyone protecting major events, the known threats are easy to track, but the unknowns manifest in blind spots that can cause unwanted surprises
Gov. Kathy Hochul dispatched the state police to provide event security after the agencies touched by the loss of two officers expressed concerns about being able to provide adequate coverage
Host cities for the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2026 like Atlanta are leveraging federal, state and local partnerships to strengthen riot control units, foster technology collaboration and implement joint intelligence gathering
“I give (county, state and federal law enforcement) a lot of credit for (providing support) to allow us to police the city,” the mayor said. “This might be a blueprint for what we do on other busy weekends”
In the video footage, gunshots can be heard ringing throughout the church building as officers close in on the source of the shooting
Highlighting the importance of PACE planning in addressing potential security threats, crowd management issues and emergency responses for large gatherings