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Watch: Documentary recounts stories from 9/11 first responders

The short film shares interviews from police officers and firefighters who were there that day


By Police1 Staff

IRVINE, Calif. — A new documentary short about first responders to the 9/11 terror attacks is streaming now. “Call to Service: The Final Rescue of 9/11” shares stories from police officers and firefighters who were there on that tragic day, according to the film’s producer, 5.11, Inc.

The film features retired NYPD personnel Patrick McGee and Scott Straus, whose 9/11 stories were first documented in the 2006 Paramount Pictures film “World Trade Center.”

“Our motivation for producing this documentary is to show our unwavering support for those who serve our communities and our nation,” said 5.11’s Chief Executive Officer, Francisco J. Morales. “This film is a tribute to honor and remember the law enforcement, fire, emergency services professionals and even the public who banded together to support one another in a time of crisis that our country will never forget.”

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