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‘It SHOULD be illegal,’ Ohio cops joke about Christmas lights before Thanksgiving

After a Facebook post went viral, the North Ridgeville PD clarified they will not actually be arresting anyone for this

christmas North Ridgeville Police Department

North Ridgeville police officers pose in front of Christmas decorations ahead of the holiday season in Ohio.

North Ridgeville Police Department

By Mike Stunson
The Charlotte Observer

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio — If it seems like Christmas season begins earlier and earlier each year, you aren’t alone.

And as Americans across the country begin to light up their homes for Santa Claus, an Ohio police department is saying enough is enough.

“Christmas season does NOT start tomorrow,” the North Ridgeville Police Department said Oct. 31 on Facebook. “We’re looking into it but it might be considered disorderly conduct to put Christmas decorations out tomorrow and if enough people on your street do it, possibly aggravated riot. Let’s all be cool and get through Thanksgiving.”

It turns out the Cleveland-area officers were joking, having to clarify their post after getting calls about it from as far away as Nevada.

No, decorating for Christmas in North Ridgeville is not a crime. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be though, the police department said.

“Heck, decorate in May if you’re an absolute lunatic….we don’t care,” police said in another Facebook post. “I mean, it SHOULD be illegal.”

So go ahead and put up that Christmas wreath and hang garland around your front door. Just know that North Ridgeville police officers will be judging you.

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Many commenters were aware of the joke in the initial post, but a lot wished police were serious.

“Put up lights anytime but, please, don’t start the Christmas music until December,” one person commented, speaking for many of us.

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