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N.Y. man arrested after threatening to kill officers during St. Patrick’s Day parade

Ridon Kola posted several times his intent to murder numerous officers and his support for ISIS

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By Bill Carey

YONKERS, N.Y. — A Yonkers man has been arrested after posting online messages about his intent to kill police officers and the mayor – an escalation that goes back to 2021.

On November 19, 2021, Ridon Kola posted a message in Albanian to a Yonkers police official’s social media account that translated to: “I am going to slaughter you little girls.” On December 5, 2021, he posted a message stating : “Starting tomorrow, I will start killing your officers just so [you] know who is doing it, Ridon Kola Albanian blood,” Yonkers Times reported.

Detectives interviewed Kola, who admitted to making the threatening posts but claimed he had no plans to harm officers or the mayor. The department issued a warning to officers to exercise diligence and caution in any encounters with Kola.

In early 2023, and up to the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Kola escalated his threats against officers and other government officials. He also expressed his support for violent Islamic extremism and terrorist attacks.

On March 9, Kola sent two messages to the department’s social media account stating: “First people to be crucified will be the Yonkers rats Vallahi. Allahu Ekberr. I will crucify Yonkers cops and their bosses all along McLean Ave. It will be a horror scene … Allahu Ekberr.” McLean Avenue was part of the route for the St. Patrick’s Day parade and Kola’s residence is in the area of the parade route.

In a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice, attorney Damian Williams stated: “As alleged, Ridon Kola posted threats on social media against law enforcement, stating his support for ISIS and his intention to murder numerous police officers. Undeterred after questioning from law enforcement, Kola’s conduct escalated, as he continued to assure police his threats would be carried out. Threatening violence against police or to undermine public safety will not be tolerated, as Kola now stands charged and faces prison time for his threats against our dedicated law enforcement partners tasked with keeping us safe.”

Kola is charged with making threatening interstate communications, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

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