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Department of Justice

Jim and Doug discuss the ramifications of the new position of the DOJ
There are lots of changes on the horizon; being aware of what‘s coming will help your department have grant success
Here are five things to know about the violent criminal organization the White House currently has in its crosshairs
Changes the department has enacted since the 2022 shooting at Robb Elementary include replacing equipment and updating and extending officer training
“No law enforcement agency — including the Justice Department — can effectively do its work without the trust of the public,” Attorney General Merrick Garland stated
The department also announced the cities that will be added to the National Public Safety Partnership in 2024, as well as a national summit on violent crime
“We are committed to reform and we have shown we can self-monitor,” APD Chief Harold Medina said
New reforms include reviews of every incident where officers brandish a firearm, a policy that limits the use of “pretextual stops” and revised training intended to “limit the role of bias and prejudice”
The officers entered a house without a warrant on Jan. 24, assaulting the men over a roughly 90-minute period
Providing LEOs “emotional and psychological support is important to ensure that officer stress and fatigue do not contribute to constitutional violations,” the report said
The selection of a civilian head of training is one of the steps the Police Bureau agreed to take to comply with the city’s settlement with the DOJ