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Video: Ohio officers pursue murder suspect through store

A woman wanted in connection with a fatal shooting tried to flee from Cleveland police as she ran through multiple aisles at Walmart


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By Sarah Roebuck

CLEVELAND — A wild body-camera video shows the moment Cleveland Police Department officers arrested a murder suspect after she led them on a foot pursuit through a store, WJW reports.

The video shows officers walking through Walmart in mid-August. The two officers walk up behind the suspect, identified as Shanaja Jones, who then makes a run for it when she realizes officers are behind her.

The suspect runs down multiple aisles. An officer yells “Stop!” and she pauses for a moment, before fleeing again. An officer catches up with her and she is eventually put into handcuffs.

The two officers who responded to the scene also stopped and arrested a man who tried to leave out the front door. The man, identified as Walter Robinson Jr., is believed to have taken part in the shooting Jones was wanted for. The shooting happened in June and left one man dead and another with a gunshot wound, police said.

Police said Jones and Robinson had gone to Walmart over the course of several days, staring down an employee who is a relative of one of the shooting victims.

Jones is facing charges of murder and felony assault. Both Jones and Robinson have been indicted on charges of stalking and obstruction following the incident in the store, Cuyahoga County prosecutors said.