Watch: Armed carjacker takes deputies on wild pursuit in stolen box truck

The suspect had carjacked two different vehicles before stealing the truck

By Amanda Spence

ALACHUA COUNTY, Fla. — A man led Florida deputies on a wild pursuit while driving an alleged stolen box truck after carjacking three people in an incident caught on video.

The Alachua County Sheriff’s Department released footage of the pursuit that took place on August 23. Brandon J. Baker, 33, allegedly stole a vehicle from a woman, Fox 13 reported, then barged into a home of an acquaintance, forcing the individual out and into their vehicle. The victim escaped and Baker fled the scene. The car he was driving was found later.

Around an hour later, police were called out to another stolen vehicle. The third occurrence involved a box truck. The owner witnessed Baker in the vehicle as he was getting out of the back. The suspect got away, but he didn’t know the truck had a GPS system, which allowed officers to track him down.

A failed traffic stop then occurred, and Baker proceeded north in the southbound lanes of traffic on Interstate 75. Numerous deputies responded, and the suspect took an exit. The pursuit continued down several surface streets and through busy intersections, with the suspect swerving in and out of lanes and into oncoming traffic.

A PIT maneuver was performed, and the suspect hopped out of the truck while it was still in motion. From there, he collided with a cruiser, and another deputy subdued him on the ground.

Two deputies had minor injuries, and Baker is facing numerous charges that include armed carjacking, burglary with battery, as well as grand theft auto and kidnapping.

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