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Dash Cam

Virginia patrol officer’s dashcam video is another reminder that traffic stops can go from routine to life-threatening in the blink of an eye
The company aims to provide an easier, more streamlined user experience
New technology will enhance operational intelligence, identify wanted suspects, and improve situational awareness for officer and citizen safety
The trooper was standing on the passenger side of the stopped vehicle and speaking with the driver, when another car side swiped the stopped vehicle
Video shows the suspect reaching into his waistband, then using his hands to pretend like he is pointing a gun at officers
The suspect crashed and that’s when he “head-butted the passenger side window and came flying out like a dolphin,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said
The SUV kept driving even after the vehicle was struck multiple times; the SUV didn’t stop driving until a cruiser hit it again, causing it to spin out of control
Colonel John Mawn Jr. called the incident “brazen” and a “deliberately violent” assault committed by a “motivated offender”
The man contacted the baby’s mother and told her he was “feeling homicidal and suicidal,” and said he had killed the child
Stop sticks were deployed to stop the stolen cruiser, causing the cruiser to crash into a parked vehicle and catch fire
A sergeant successfully deployed the Grappler Police Bumper, netting one of the suspect vehicle’s rear tires, and brought it to a safe stop