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The University of Florida Police Department is pairing clinicians with officers to better support the campus community
City of Doral Police Officer Kelsey Lopez lends a helping hand
Sheriff Grady Judd’s best advice for officers is what they’re not told in police academies: simply to remember that most folks are decent, hardworking people
“School safety extends beyond the perimeters of the school facilities, so we need solutions like CentralSquare’s CAD to integrate mapping and create a seamless flow of information for our responders,” said DPS Dispatch Supervisor Jennifer Weston
After asking the suspect to show his hands several times, deputies deployed a TASER; while the suspect was being tased, he fired a revolver, striking a deputy’s shoulder mic
One bill bars citizen review boards from investigating allegations of officer misconduct; another bill creates a 25-foot buffer around police officers when they are working
The pilot program would allow access to a caller’s phone camera so troopers can view the scene live, as well as capture photos and videos for evidence collection
The officer is expected to fully recover and there was “no reason to believe [the shooting] was anything but accidental,” according to the Pinecrest Police Department
The officer was speaking to the woman, who had crashed her car, when she suddenly turned around and stabbed him
The woman fired a gun into two cars while driving, grazing one driver’s arm and striking another in the neck; she is being charged with attempted murder
The Mini-Shield boasts a NIJ 010.06 Level III+ rating, making it effective at stopping not only handgun calibers but also the most commonly encountered rifle calibers
Gaining this prestigious recognition places RTS Tactical among the elite few organizations in the US to have been certified under this esteemed standard and validates RTS Tactical’s unwavering commitment to quality management in adherence to international standards
To facilitate rapid deployment, the Mini-Shield Carrier offers several carry options. There are two rugged exterior grab handles to permit ergonomically balanced horizontal or vertical one-handed carry and to assist in removal from patrol vehicles
The man can be seen on his own recorded video hitting one Orlando Police Department officer in the head with a brick and gouging another officer’s eye
The suspect sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the shooting; the officers were not injured
Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony fired and criminally charged two deputies after they were cleared of wrongdoing by the department’s Professional Standards Committee, allegedly calling them “bad cops” in a campaign ad
“We are thrilled to provide Safariland and Haley Strategic customers with new fits for their favorite firearms,” said Tim Drnec, VP of Marketing for Safariland. “The IncogX... ensures that users can carry their Smith & Wesson handguns confidently and comfortably”
The suspect, accused of violating a restraining order, came to the residence and fired shots with an AR-15; a resident joined a Hardee County Sheriff’s Office deputy in firing at the suspect
The shootout occurred when Ft. Lauderdale Police Department officers, believing the man was holding someone else in the hotel room with him, instructed him to exit the room with his hands up; instead, he emerged with a gun
“I look down and I have bright red arterial blood on my boot. You can’t help others if you’re down for the count.”
Engines roared and turns got tighter as law enforcement and civilian motorcycle riders maneuvered their 1000cc bikes on challenging courses at Palm Beach State College
“This car has been through it all and keeps on going. Sure, the leg room in the back is minimal and the rear seats aren’t all that comfortable, but real friends sit up front anyway!” the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook
“This Liberator HP [hearing protection headset] exclusive marks the beginning of our collaboration with Noveske,” said Timothy Drnec, VP of Marketing for Safariland. “By combining our expertise in protective equipment with Noveske’s renowned craftsmanship, we are able to offer our customers a modern take on range gear.”
The officer was shot in the hand and is expected to recover; the suspect was arrested and charged with attempted homicide of a law enforcement officer
K-9 Zeppelin dangled from his leash before Deputy Lauren Donaldson pulled him back over the barrier
The 16-year-old produced the weapon from a bag after he was involved in an altercation; the bag was later discovered to contain 20 small bags of marijuana
The deputy can be seen deploying his TASER at the man and commanding him to stop the car before the shooting; the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has defended the deputy’s actions as necessary
Police Recruitment
Officers roamed the beaches, handing out water and merchandise and challenging spring breakers to pushup contests
Spero Georgedakis has partnered with the Florida Police Benevolent Association to help officers move from Calif. and N.Y. to Florida to take advantage of transfer bonuses