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Watch: Good Samaritan offers ride to help cop catch suspect

The officer jumped in the back seat and directed his impromptu chauffeur to the suspect


White Settlement Police Department

By Suzie Ziegler

WHITE SETTLEMENT, Texas — A good Samaritan played taxi driver to help cops in Texas make an arrest on Saturday, WFAA reported. The helpful citizen saw officers running after a suspect and slowed down to offer a ride to Cpl. J. Porter, bodycam video shows.

The incident began on June 18 when a license plate reader clocked a stolen vehicle, reported WFAA. Officers initiated a traffic stop but the suspect got out of the car and ran.

Bodycam video from the White Settlement Police Department shows Porter running after the suspect on a hot Texas day. That’s when Jimmy Davis, a former security guard, pulls up in a blue car.

“You need a ride?” Davis asks in the video.

Porter immediately jumps in the back seat and directs Davis toward the fleeing suspect.

“I appreciate it,” Porter tells Davis as he catches his breath.

Davis drops Porter off at the scene where Officer Samuel Brown has wrestled the suspect to the ground.

“Had to get taxied, don’t mind me,” Porter jokes.

“I look over my shoulder, trying to see who’s coming up on me, and then I see Porter jump out of the car. It was pretty funny,” Brown recalled. 

The White Settlement Police Department thanked Davis for his help.

“My instincts just kicked in,” Davis told WFAA. “I was glad I was at the right place at the right time. I did what I had to, and I would do it again." 

The suspect, Joshua Taylor Brown, has been charged with three felonies related to evading arrest and unauthorized use of a vehicle, according to WFAA.