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Video: CHP pursues burning, carjacked tractor-trailer

The driver was taken into custody after stealing the truck at a gas station and driving the rig with no front tires

By Joanna Putman

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif. — A person suspected of carjacking a tractor-trailer rig and fleeing police has been arrested, FOX 11 reported.

Police responded to a call on Feb. 22 from a trucker reporting that his tractor-trailer was taken from a gas station, according to the report. The California Highway Patrol found and pursued the truck in Santa Clarita.

Highway patrol officers successfully punctured the truck’s front two tires using spike strips. The tires and front bumper were ripped off the rig, but the driver continued to flee on the wheel rims, according to the report.

The truck eventually caught fire, stopping the vehicle pursuit. The driver attempted to flee on foot but was quickly captured, according to the report.