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San Antonio PD welcomes first female SWAT team member

The department’s social media pages highlighted Pearla Dominquez as the “first female to successfully complete the SWAT tryout process and be selected to the SWAT Unit.”

Perala Dominiquez.jpg

Officer Pearla Dominquez, first female San Antonio SWAT team member

Photo/ San Antonio Police Department via Facebook

By Madalyn Mendoza
San Antonio Express-News

Two of the San Antonio Police Department’s newest SWAT members are receiving recognition from Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the public.

On Monday, SAPD announced the additions of officers Perla Dominquez and Marshall Davis to the SWAT unit. The department’s social media pages highlighted Dominquez as the “first female to successfully complete the SWAT tryout process and be selected to the SWAT Unit.” Davis, a six-year veteran, is joining his brother on the unit.[0]=68.ARCRpYR0RdgMOn1a8UuGqHBukwP2MqxolRxH7qxvAaCkmCmZAczE91oOhpQqYoh4QJIrQ1WTktRadr8unKPbGL6qnf3aRpQgb8UjGTpGMLHVGMkCxItNf4uy40CMUOgpCf_5YOeWJr8y0hHjcb4viJMjxChsMxnZkksZ2RfHOG9J1YBPnC1DpHRT-ftE6Bc5_NohDA7ILF87GwvzFyBn-T5xgrpx0NUAiDZP2_WhWzcVVU5K3ODYPLBBgkaXpmeU9HksEOS8iww62rh_vfY60FP5BPjVgRMr3jznERgoUJWKyPiDmbGyMQQxUneNTBfdAeh7a7VtY5LTobSnPJp-AyCEuA&__tn__=-R

The department was not immediately available to comment on how many members make up the team or confirm if Holly Vizcarrondo, who many noted was another woman who previously made SWAT, came before Dominquez. SAPD said those questions will be answered during a press conference on Wednesday.

Vizcarrondo replied to those mentioning her name, saying “let the youngster have her well-earned limelight!! This is her day! Mine was almost 30 yrs ago.”

Nirenberg also congratulated the two officers online.

“Remarkable, history-making achievement,” he posted on Facebook. “Congrats, officers. Thank you for serving the #SanAntonio community.”

SAPD’s website has a dedicated page for women in the force including testimonials.

“All policewomen receive the same training as their male counterparts, which enables them to move into a variety of areas within the department without the barriers often experienced in other occupations,” the department website reads.

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