Fla. sheriff’s office gets ‘high-tech’ first aid kits

The kits will go to patrols in more rural areas where response time is slower

By Suzie Ziegler 

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. — The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office has some new additions to its toolbox: 15 mobile response kits.  

According to FOX 35, the kits have a touch-screen computer that can walk deputies through certain medical emergencies like severe bleeding and broken bones. Sheriff Rick Staly described them as high-tech first aid kits. 

Staly says the kits will be given to SWAT, the Emergency Response Team and certain deputies on patrol. Specifically, the kits will go to deputies in areas where the response time is slower. 

"West side has a lot of ranching, farmers, rural areas and more serious things can occur and often the deputies will be there first," Staly told FOX 35. "Because it’s so big and the population is so much smaller, response times are obviously slower.” 

Each kit costs $2,100, but Staly says the price will be worth it. 

"In my opinion, if we save one life, that just did the whole cost," he said.

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