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Several police departments, including KCPD, are providing much-needed and hard-to-afford hygiene items to those in need
The initiative is designed to address the underreporting of hate crimes and hate incidents by increasing public trust in reporting these crimes
“It’s not the citations we write, but the crashes we prevent, that measure our success.”
All tips are moved through a process that ensures they will receive swift attention from the appropriate administrator or law enforcement agency
A roadmap helps agencies adapt solutions to the scale needed for their jurisdiction with a focus on four key outcomes that allow agencies to see if their efforts are succeeding
The Alameda County (California) Sheriff’s Office recently integrated drone technology into all SWAT operations
The First 12 Minutes, developed by the City of Falls Church, Va., provides training to administrators, teachers and school staff
Beagle is an open-source software tool that developers say will help with analytics and email investigations
The full BEhavioral Threat Assessment program (BETA) lasts four days
The app includes de-escalation techniques and five key strategies for dealing with someone having “a meltdown”