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Jamie Hudson on how Elk Grove’s Real-Time Information Center gathers and shares information

“Our mission is to produce video and other intelligence in real time and then disseminate that to our stakeholder”

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There is no question that advancements in technology are helping communities fight crime as the number of law enforcement officers continues to diminish. But are we the technology efficiently and effectively? Are we integrating various applications to address crime prevention? Can we do it in small, medium and large agencies, and in urban and rural areas?

In this episode of the Policing Matters podcast, host Jim Dudley speaks with Jamie Hudson, Real-Time Information Center Manager at the Elk Grove (California) Police Department, about how his agency is using technology to harness information and intelligence.

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About our guest

Jamie Hudson is the Real-Time Information Center (RTIC) Manager at the Elk Grove (California) Police Department. He has led the RTIC since its opening in 2019 and together with his dedicated group of RTIC professionals, has built it into a model for other agencies to use as a resource when exploring building their own. Jamie was an inaugural Board of Directors member of the National Real Time Crime Center Association and currently serves on the Association’s Advisory Board. Jamie and the Elk Grove Police Department team held the Real-Time Symposium in May 2022, which was the first of its kind in the real-time center space, which was then continued by the NRTCCA.

Jamie began his career as a police dispatcher and after 28 years, moved from the dispatch world into the real-time world. He is a California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Master Instructor and a career-long learner. He co-owns IXII Group, Inc., a training and consulting company. Jamie has been an instructor and presenter for 26 years.

Memorable quotes

  • “Our mission internally at our police department’s real-time center is to produce video and other intelligence in real time and then disseminate that to our stakeholders.”
  • “We are all civilian staff and the philosophy behind that with our chief is that he wanted stability within the center as traditional centers that have all sworn staff staff start to have rotation.”
  • “Philosophically, real time crime centers really are about the people. You get a single desk and a single computer and you have a real time crime center. It is really about the philosophy of what it does and not all of the cool platforms and videos screens.”

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