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Addressing a leading cause of line-of-duty deaths
Jenoptik’s TraffiData analysis software evaluates license plate data in real time so law enforcement agencies are always up to date, enabling quick crime detection and prevention
CARFAX for Police’s 29 billion vehicle records power a suite of investigative tools that support rapid case resolution
Deputies with the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office will also be using their Air One helicopter and patrolling the county waterways by boat to help handle expected traffic problems from eclipse watchers
Many law enforcement agencies in states that are in the path of totality are prepping for the influx of visitors to their jurisdictions
Shawn Casteel reported that his supervisors prevented him from being promoted, leading to loss of overtime work, pay and negative evaluations
Officer Paul Rutherford was directing traffic at the scene of an earlier crash when he was hit by another vehicle
Stop switching between various platforms by using visualization software to integrate multiple data feeds
Police in La Verne use fixed LPR cameras to create a virtual fence around the city
Once your agency has decided to invest in license plate reader technology, it’s important to plan ahead for an effective rollout
Officers clad in turkey costumes are crossing busy Las Vegas streets to remind drivers to follow laws at crosswalks